Translations vs. Transcreations

Translations vs. Transcreations

Many companies and organizations think they are doing their business a favor by putting a Google translator plug-in on their site. They think “Wow, a widget that allows my website to be translated into over 60 languages? I need that!” Little do they know they are hurting their reputation in the eyes of potential customers and people needing their services. To a native speaker, reading a website that has been translated via Google translator or another tool can be quite comical, and even offensive!

A much better option for someone wanting to offer their website in another language is to have it professionally translated from a human. Professional translators have better knowledge of the vocabulary and cultural nuances.
A lot of time is spent getting the correct messaging down on a website. Most of that message is lost by utilizing a translator plug-in. The reader is left to interpret what message you are trying to get across. 

The Hispanic Approach has been helping our customers translate their content into the Spanish language to help them attract this vastly growing Spanish-speaking market. Spanish language content professionally translated into a globally accepted version of Spanish helps prevent translator plug in errors and allow your first impression with potential customers to be professional and polished. 

The Hispanic Approach is a full-service marketing and communications agency focused on the Hispanic market. Check us out, we will be happy to get your full message across in the Spanish language!

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