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The Hispanic Approach has all the services you would expect from an agency, including design, social media campaign development, branding programs, even strategy development. Along with these, marketing and ad campaign development,  production, translations and much more. But The Hispanic Approach is different. We provide these services to customers who want to Ignite Their Relevance with the Hispanic market. Because we know the Hispanic consumer so well, we can help you create connections that are authentic with this fast growing target audience. So, reach out to us today.

We know the Hispanic consumer

Because the modern Hispanic consumer is young, tends to live in a multigenerational household, is likely bilingual and has a huge Lifetime Value as a consumer. And, the average Hispanic person in the U.S. is younger than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Because of this, their buying power makes them a key to growing revenue and brand loyalty over the long term. So if you are thinking about long term growth in this market, The Hispanic Approach can help.

We Ignite Your Relevance

The Hispanic Approach helps companies, entities and brands become relevant with the Hispanic market. Because we understand the nuances of the market, the belief system and the common threads of the culture. So simply put, we can position a company, brand or product appropriately with that audience. Our team works closely with you to develop a program for connecting successfully and for the long term with this critical target audience.

We help you make authentic connections

The Hispanic Approach can help you connect with your target in a authentic way. Because we understand language, culture and customs, we can better position your brand for long term success with the Hispanic market. Simply put, making authentic connections is critical to success. Due to our understanding of trends, media channels, the use of digital devices and other media choices makes our work adaptable for the consumer of today and tomorrow.


We offer a full compliment of services to help you create compelling marketing campaigns, tell great stories and create authentic connections with the target audience. 


We combine cultural insights with compelling messaging to offer campaigns that will boost sales.


How will you set yourself apart? We work to develop unique branding that includes naming, logo design and brand voice.


It’s no longer an option, in today’s age it’s a must-have. We are constantly adapting to the fast-paced digital world.


Our teams pride themselves in developing campaigns that resonate and connect.


How do you stay relevant to a multicultural audience? Why not let our social media content experts handle it for you—from tweets to snaps to comments, we got you.


From simple translations, to more complex interactive presentations, we handle the creation and execution.


Let our team be your front line for customer interaction and memorable brand experiences.


Very much alive and relevant within the Hispanic community. From brochures, to magazines and coupons, we handle it all.


Our leading-edge production team takes your message from an idea to a compelling video or film, working with you every step of the way.


Here is a small sampling of our most recent work.


Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

The Bryn Mawr Trust Company has contracted The Hispanic Approach to assist us with our Hispanic marketing initiative, translation of our marketing brochures and distribution of our brochures. The Founder of the company, Miguel Alban also took the time to introduce us to entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and centers of influence in the Hispanic community. We were very satisfied with the professionalism, service and the company’s ability to meet our timelines.”

Anthony J. Poluch Jr.
Bryn Mawr Trust

I have used The Hispanic Approach several times over the past two years. From assistance with translation of documents and materials to help with open enrollment meetings, The Hispanic Approach team has organized and assisted with many needs and requests and have gone above and beyond to ensure perfection. I know that I can feel confident that their work is accurate every time. In a hectic business like mine, that extra confidence truly saves some stress.”

Kevin Schopf
Tompkins Insurance

The Hispanic Approach and its Amanece Magazine (formerly HOLA Magazine) has been a very helpful vehicle for us in sharing our message with and reaching a greater swath of native-Spanish speakers who live, work and thrive here. The YMCA of Greater Brandywine is committed to serving all, and this magazine has been one of the tools we have to help us accomplish this goal.”

Nia Ngina Meeks
Greater Brandywine YMCA

With regard to our county website, we took our partnership with The Hispanic Approach one step further, using their translation services to offer a Spanish language option for key web pages. This process was extremely professional and efficient, and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we maintain the pages already translated, and identify further pages to translate. Chester County was the recipient of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Website of the Year award in 2018, and the translation of web pages into Spanish was noted by the judges as a contributing feature for the award.”

Terence Farrell
Chester County, PA

Thanks to the Hispanic Approach for being such a valuable partner and providing great customer service to Main Line Health! The team provides quality translation services to help share our women’s heart health message with the Latina population, and we look forward to continued outreach efforts to improve the health and wellness of our communities.”

Heather Forgione
Main Line Health

The team at The Hispanic Approach and Amanece Magazine (formerly HOLA Magazine) have been a pleasure to work with! They allow us to reach our Hispanic customers in more ways than just advertising. They also help us recruit talented associates. Thanks for your help Hispanic Approach team!”

Ronda Cavanagh Wawa

Our Clients

A wide variety of companies, brands, entities and products. 

Amanece Magazine.com

Amanece Magazine and Amanece Magazine.com

Reach tens of thousands of Hispanic consumers in the Greater Philadelphia area every month with your marketing message. Our digital programs include banner advertising, business listings and event calendars. Advertise with us and reach the Hispanic target audience in Greater Philadelphia. We also customize programs to fit your needs. 

Amanece Magazine
Amanece Magazine
Amanece Magazine
Amanece Magazine


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