Month: March 2019

Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross contacted The Hispanic Approach to create monthly Spanish language ads.

How to earn the trust of the Hispanic consumer

By nature, and unfortunately through experience, Hispanics have learned not to trust people easily. If you are from Latin America or if you have done business there, you will agree with me that governments there and the systems that operate the business models are most of the time full of corruption and unethical behaviors. I am…
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Is the Hispanic market still a “Niche” market?

Six years ago, when I decided to create my marketing firm, The Hispanic Approach, I said to myself, “this is great, we have a niche”! I am happy to report I was wrong.The truth is that US Hispanic audiences are the second-largest in terms of buying power, with around $1.5 trillion to spend. Many companies…
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Latinos and Money Management

It is no secret that the Latino consumer in recent years feels more optimistic about their finances and proudly sees how their household income has continued to increase. Several reasons contribute to this, better education therefore better jobs, new generations are starting to work at younger ages, the industries are offering better salaries to bilingual…
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Translations vs. Transcreations

Many companies and organizations think they are doing their business a favor by putting a Google translator plug-in on their site. They think “Wow, a widget that allows my website to be translated into over 60 languages? I need that!” Little do they know they are hurting their reputation in the eyes of potential customers…
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Chester County, PA

OVERVIEW Chester County Economic Development Council and Chester County Emergency Services approached The Hispanic Approach with the goal to create awareness and to engage the local Hispanic community regarding their services and initiatives. The Hispanic Approach, toge ther with the Chester County Economic Development Council developed an authentic campaign to drive local Hispanic community engagement.…
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Need Spanish Call Intake?